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Electrostatic dining fume purifier

This product is mainly used in various types of restaurants cooking fume purification treatment, can effectively reduce soot emissions and pipeline oil accumulation, thereby reducing fire hazards and pipeline cleaning costs.

Technological advantage:
1, the independent research and development of high-frequency and high-voltage power supply operation is stable and reliable, strong output power.

2, the special linear cylinder honeycomb structure electric field, so that the equipment to achieve ultra high treatment effect of the same extended cleaning cycle, is the needle electric field cleaning cycle two times.
The wind hole
3, ventilation in diameter less than 7.5mm, not only can play both the role of wind, isolated large particles objects, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.
The high-pressure heater casing
4, high pressure core porcelain by 35KV wear resistant, ensure safe output voltage.

5, the shell adopts 1.2mm above cold-rolled plate, not easy to deformation.

Matters needing attention:
1, into the wind to be uniform, reducing suggestions is made into a trapezoidal or round platform shaped.

2, The wind speed in the flue should be controlled from 10 to 12 meters per second.

3, equipment installation need to open the side of the 750mm space reserved for maintenance.

4,the power supply of access equipment is 220V.

5, the equipment is installed in the outdoor installation of canopy.

Model Air volume(m3/h) Size(mm) Power(kw) Weight(kg)
HF-G3-4K 4000 750*750*800 400 75
HF-G3-6K 6000 750*850*950 450 100
HF-G3-8K 8000 790*900*1000 500 110
HF-G3-12K 12000 750*1400*1000 600 140
HF-G3-16K 16000 750*1500*1000 700 155
HF-G3-20K 20000 750*1200*1400 850 185
HF-G3-25K 25000 790*1300*1500 900 200
HF-G3-30K 30000 750*1400*1600 1000 270
HF-G3-36K 36000 750*1500*1700 1100 290
HF-G3-42K 42000 790*1600*1800 1500 320
HF-G3-56K 56000 750*2000*1700 1700 350