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How to install negative pressure fan to achieve the best use effect?

The installation position of suction fan is good or bad effect of the use of negative pressure fan eventually influence is very big, today hong peak negative pressure fan to focus on the negative pressure fan to how to install to achieve the best effect, hope to be of help.

Hon peak negative pressure fan installation position of the content of the need to pay attention to summarizes the following three points:

1, central negative pressure fan installed in the structure of the selected best, try to shorten the length of the pipe installation; If there are conditions as far as possible in a cool environment on the dominant wind direction; Can be installed on the wall, roof, or on outdoor floor, but the installation environment should guarantee the enjoy the fresh air, especially should not have odor or smell in exhaust gas. If there isn't enough the door or window, need to install special exhaust machine, displacement to ensure that 80% of the total delivery to person - more than 90%.

2, on the suction fan is installed, to ensure that the frame structure to support the whole environmental protection air conditioning main body and air supply in outlet pipe, as well as the weight of the maintenance staff. When installation should pay attention to do between indoor and outdoor pipeline sealing waterproof, prevent water leakage.

3, if the indoor installation, indoor air supply pipe must be compatible and models of environmental condition, according to the actual installation environment and outlet quantity, design appropriate supply air duct. Design of piping should be shortened as much as possible, branch should reduce as far as possible, to minimize wind resistance and noise.

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