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What is the air purification?

With the development of science and technology, the existence of mechanization and electrification exists everywhere in life. But many machines and equipment will release harmful substances and gases floating in the air. Serious fog and haze have appeared in many cities throughout the country, and they will not go away. Of course, some people will propose to purify the air, but what do they need to purify?

First, dust and solid particles of fine particles form dust. Suspended in the air will have great influence on the air quality of human inhalation. Through the treatment of air purifier, we can clean up the dust matter and get cleaner air.

Two, smoke and dust are different. Smoke is fine particles formed by burning objects. These particles can be suspended in the air, and may cause certain toxicity due to different combustion substances. The treatment of tobacco in air is very important.

Three, smoke, smoke and smoke are different, but the degree of difference is not very obvious. Burning particles are formed by sublimation, condensation and oxidation, which are very harmful to human respiratory tract, and need air purifier to deal with.

Four, fog, liquid suspended by steam and other gases can also be generated directly by spray, which can contain some su

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