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The importance of environmental protection

Environmental protection, the full name of environmental protection, is refers to the humanity to solve realistic or potential environmental problems, coordinate the relationship between the human and environment, guarantee the sustainable development of economic society and the floorboard of all sorts of action.

Hong feng says environmental protection is refers to the waste gas purification tower people consciously to protect natural resources and make them get reasonable use, to prevent the pollution of natural environment and damage; On the pollution and damage of environment must be prepared to comprehensive treatment, and to create suitable for human life and working environment.

Economy is the foundation, but is not simple equal to social progress and economic growth it is associated with the environment; Environment such as water, can carry a boat, can have no good ecological environment and sustainable economic and social development, people's quality of life improved, there would be no people's comprehensive well-off and modernization. Hong feng emphasis on environmental protection has become a waste gas purification tower today we a decisive basis for the sustainable development of economy, as China's economic development, environmental problems has always been the focus of the whole nation, in the face of the frequent natural disasters, to cure pollution accident, repeatedly \"could brew disaster\" is not alarmist.

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