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What items should be paid attention to when running negative pressure fan?

Negative pressure fan is a fan which uses air convection to cool down. Its cooling and ventilation effect is very good. Therefore, in the factory, workshop and other places, we have the use of negative pressure fan. However, when we use it, we need to pay attention to some matters. Then, what should be paid attention to when the negative pressure fan is running? Below, let Hongfeng negative pressure fan introduce to you:

1, in the negative pressure fan in the drive, stop or operation process, if found abnormal phenomenon, the solution is checked immediately. We also need to periodically check the sensitivity of the thermometer and oil gauge, and control the oil level of the bearing tank within the allowable range.

2, if the negative pressure fan flow is too large, does not meet the use requirements, or need a small amount of flow in a short time, you can use throttling device to adjust.

3, after each demolition of the negative pressure fan, we should replace the lubricating oil, but also regularly replace the lubricant.

4, to check the negative pressure fan found small faults, should promptly identify the cause, try to eliminate or deal with, such as small failure can not be eliminated, or found big fault, should be checked immediately. The bearing seat of E type transmission should be checked regularly (Ji Du), cleaned and filled with lubricating oil to prevent the bearing burn out.

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