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The advantage of negative pressure blower is used

Hon peak negative pressure fan analyses on the principle of first it belongs to the ventilation, ventilation, cooling, triple integral whole.Cooling effect is good, ordinary place after using all can reach 5-10 degrees of cooling effect, can quickly will indoor cloudy, hot and smelly gases emitted, effective control of indoor environment, and can produce different wind speed, a short time, let a person feel comfortable and cool.Additional return on investment is high, use 2 years to recover the cost, at the same time have the characteristics of energy-saving, environmental protection, power consumption by around 10% to 15% of air conditioning, do not contain any freon composition.The use of the fan can effectively prevent sudden flu viruses such as large area, make the staff work more comfortable and secure.

The negative pressure fan can be used in what place?First is installed in the workshop closed large factories, such as for convulsions ventilation;With wet shade collocation, cool quickly installed in workshop, at the same time have a certain humidity;On the ground or hang in the air, using in the large workshop, used as a fan, usually 1000 or so large space, four fan room ventilation cooling could be achieved.

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