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How much do you know about the installation and maintenance of the exhaust gas purification tower?

In the era of industrial development, exhaust gas purification tower plays a vital role. It can deal with industrial waste gas and play a decisive role in air purification. If there is no exhaust purification tower, you can't imagine how industry will become a mess. So, how much do you know about the installation and maintenance of the exhaust gas purification tower?

Hongfeng said exhaust gas purification tower and concrete foundation construction based on user data; equipment should be installed in the high ground 100 mm above the concrete foundation; supporting pipes and valves should have separate support, can not be fixed on the tower equipment; installation should pay attention to protect the equipment, do not damage the body and exposed parts. When the flange of the tower is connected with the external flange, the correct tightening method should be adopted to cut the force, so as to avoid the crack in the flange. Steel Gaskets shall not be used for flange gaskets, corrosion resistant and oil resistant rubber gaskets can be used. After installation of the equipment, water is circulated for debugging, and no running, running, dropping, leaking and plugging are normal operation.

In addition, in order to ensure the normal operation of tower equipment, hoffen exhaust gas purification tower must remind a person responsible for the management, should always check whether the normal operation of the fan, water pump, spray pipe is smooth, liquid storage tank water level is normal, the float switch is normal, the gas concentration is within the specified range. If found problems should be resolved in a timely manner.

The scientific installation and maintenance of the exhaust gas purification tower has no harm, but can prolong its life and improve its performance.

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